Windsor For The Derby Earnest Powers

A quasi-posthumous (in that the band broke up but have since reformed) collection of unreleased material, radio appearances and rarities, Windsor For The Derby deals in the sort of instrumental mood rock that, although it might sound fine a few cycles in, tends to overstay its welcome when it stretches past the five-minute mark, a habit indulged on nearly every song. The lack of track listing info doesn't help, either. If not for the flashes of energetic funk and Can-like vintage drum machine tinkering that occasionally comes to the forefront on the songs that sound, fidelity-wise, to be culled from the group's live performances and college-radio sessions, this retrospective would be lifeless and bland, however "atmospheric” it may be. Call it unfair (and in this case untimely), but the post-rock backlash rages on. (Emperor Jones)