WIN WIN "Waster"

WIN WIN 'Waster'
Brooklyn-based trio WIN WIN recently inked a deal with Arts & Crafts, and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of "Waster" — the B-side to their first single release with the Canadian indie label.
Previously known for their quirky, dancefloor-friendly sound, WIN WIN have taken things in a weirder direction for the new material. "Waster" is a retro-pop meets surf-rock number, bathed in psychedelic sounds and sprinkled with handclaps.
It fills in the flipside of single "Couch Paranoia," which leans heavier on the electronic side of the musical spectrum, delivering synths and distorted vocals, while maintaining the group's new found ear for psychedelia.
Creating music that is "simultaneously classic and futuristic," WIN WIN's new single is available now through Arts & Crafts, with their third LP expected out later this year. For now, though, you can get your first listen to "Waster," and relive "Couch Paranoia," in the player below.