WIN WIN "Couch Paranoia" (video)

WIN WIN 'Couch Paranoia' (video)
While Brooklyn-based trio WIN WIN's new "Couch Paranoia" is a calming, motorik-minded collusion of lean drum machine beats and vocoder melodies, the band's new 3D animated video for the song was seemingly pulled straight out of the deepest, most haunted recesses of your mind. If you're not easily rattled by ever-morphing balls of teeth and flesh, by all means give the video a watch.

As you'll see, a glob of digital clay is being sculpted throughout the video. At times it presents a fully formed face singing the tune, while it generally comes across looking something like a nightmarish blend of H.R. Giger's xenomorph, The Lawnmower Man and an especially jagged case of vagina dentata. There are more pleasant, pastel landscapes shuffling and rippling throughout the clip too, offering a reprieve from the freaky evolution of the video's vocalist.

The band explained in a statement:

We've been exploring interactions between analog and digital systems in both our music and art. By using a set of analog inputs, in this case video captures of human faces and swirling paint, and applying those to control a digital system (a dense 3D mesh), you end up with the appearance of something that's alive but that moves in an alien, unfamiliar way. The video and the song simultaneously elicit reactions of revulsion and fascination.

WIN WIN's "Couch Paranoia"/"Waster" single is out now via Arts & Crafts. A full-length is due later this year.