Willis Earl Beal "Coming Through" (ft. Cat Power) (short film) (NSFW)

Willis Earl Beal 'Coming Through' (ft. Cat Power) (short film) (NSFW)
Willis Earl Beal previously launched a performance series called Church of Nobody, and now he's brought that fictional church to life with a music video for his Cat Power collaboration "Coming Through" from last year's Nobody Knows.

This isn't so much a standard music video as it is a 11-minute short film that depicts the gathering of a mysterious cult in New Mexico. It shows a group of followers wearing T-shirts with Beal's cross-eyed logo, and actress Mischa Barton — of The O.C. fame — appears as one of the cult members. They are led by Beal in a mask.

The cryptic and very unsettling VHS-style clip should be considered NSFW since it shows the members looking at pornography and ends in a very bizarre scene of mass ground-humping. The music doesn't start until over seven minutes in. Watch it below.