William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra For Percy Heath

Percy Heath was the bassist for groundbreaking jazz/classical ensemble the Modern Jazz Quartet. Their primary focus was to somehow bring together the seemingly irreconcilable worlds of improvised music and the classical form. This particular release is not only a tribute to a loved and respected member of the jazz community but also a potent reflection of the ability of the music to include composed elements within the flow of improvisation. What we have here is a suite of music with conducted sections of themes forming the structures around which solo and ensemble improvisations evolve. The ensemble itself is a 14-piece collection of some pretty heavy players, including Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell and Rob Brown, not to mention William Parker, who composed, led and played a whole lot of bass in this performance. This is a set of powerful, joyful, spirited music. There are no wasted moments or excesses and it also manages to deliver the live vibe in a most convincing manner. (Les Disques Victo)