William Parker Double Sunrise over Neptune

William Parker’s latest release is possibly his most ambitious, in terms of a specific musical exposition/execution of his spiritual beliefs. Leaving the bass duties to another, Parker chooses to conduct and play occasionally on double reeds and doson ’ngoni, a cousin of the kora. The 16-piece ensemble feature string sections, as well as reeds and drums familiar to the jazz form, but also includes vocals in the classical Indian tradition and an oud player, both of which are exceptional. The music itself consists of ostinato (repetitive) bass figures over which there are conducted, composed sections and improvisations. The writing is more focused and quite clear in "Morning Mantra,” with some beautifully haunting sections from the strings. While this occurs in other pieces it is featured best in this piece. The music on this CD is most satisfying and inspirational. It definitely has its antecedents in Coltrane’s Africa Brass sessions and A Love Supreme but retains an authenticity and conviction that ring true to the times we are in now. (Aum Fidelity)