William Basinski's 'Disintegration Loops' Get Deluxe Box Set Reissue

William Basinski's 'Disintegration Loops' Get Deluxe Box Set Reissue
In 2002, avant-garde composer William Basinski released the first of his releases in The Disintegration Loops series. The album, which was a collection of magnetic tape loops finished just as the 9/11 attacks were happening in New York City, is set to be inducted into the 9/11 Memorial Museum this fall. It will also be reissued in a deluxe box set.

According to the Experimedia web store [via Pitchfork], The Disintegration Loops will be issued in a fancy box that includes nine LPs, five CDs, a DVD and a 144-page coffee table book.

The set includes the remastered versions of the original Disintegration Loops release alongside its subsequent volumes, along with two previously unreleased orchestral performances.

The coffee table book includes liner notes from Basinski himself along with Antony Hegarty, Current 93's David Tibet, Ronen Givony and the 9/11 Memorial Museum's Michael Shulan.

Temporary Residence will issue the box set on September 4.