William Basinski Returns with 'Cascade' and 'The Deluge'

William Basinski Returns with 'Cascade' and 'The Deluge'
Neoclassical great William Basinski has mainly been looking back lately, most recently treating his Melancholia LP to a proper reissue. After a long wait, however, he's finally set to return with not one but two new albums next month.

The releases are called Cascade and The Deluge. The former utilizes the same piano loop for 40 minutes, while the latter uses the same composition through a variety of filters, recorded live at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room.

The artist offers a more specific explanation on his site:

In Cascade, a single ancient lilting piano tape loop repeats endlessly carrying one along in its tessellating current. In The Deluge, the same loop is processed through a series of feedback loops of different lengths, creating a spiraling crescendo of overtones that eventually fades away to silence. In the denouement, a series of limpid piano loops leads to an urgent orchestral theme that builds and gradually dies.

The Deluge will be a vinyl-only release, though a digital download of the project will come with purchases of Cascade.

Both releases will arrive on April 28 through Basinski's own 2062 imprint and Temporary Residence Ltd.