The Wilderness of Manitoba Announce 'Island of Echoes' LP

The Wilderness of Manitoba Announce 'Island of Echoes' LP
Last year, Toronto folk outfit the Wilderness of Manitoba took a look back by reissuing their 2009 EP Hymns of Love & Spirits. Now, they've set their sights on the future once more as they prepare to release their next album, Island of Echoes, which will be out on September 18 through Pheromone Recordings.

These 13 songs were written while on the road in the past year. In a statement, frontman Will Whitwham described the sound like this: "There are elements of folk happening throughout the album, but it is in no way a folk record although it is definitely a Wilderness of Manitoba record. The '70s was just a reference point that happens to include some of our favourite influences such as Fleetwood Mac. We were looking to bring in the kind of instrumentation you hear from that era that is heavy with electric guitars, Hammond organ, synthesizers and a prominent backbeat with lots of harmonies happening vocal-wise on top"

The album is said to boast a more full-bodied sound that reflects the band's recent live sets. It was recorded after the departure of previous vocalist Melissa Dalton, and features Amanda Balsys of the Gertrudes on vocals and violin. She contributed to the group's signature harmonies and added "effects-laden violin."

Tracking and mixing took place at Toronto's Revolution Recording studio, with additional overdubs recorded at home. See the tracklist below, and stay tuned for the album's first single.

Island of Echoes:

1. Balloon Lamp
2. Morning Sun
3. Echoes
4. The First Snowfall
5. The Aral Sea/Southern Winds
6. Chasing Horses
7. White Woods
8. Golden Thyme
9. A Year in Its Passing
10. Glory Days
11. The Island of the Day Before
12. The Escape
13. Northern Drives

The Wilderness Of Manitoba - Orono Park from tinyOGRE on Vimeo.