Wide Open Cage Woebegone Lullabies

One could argue that this group is suffering from a Freudian Oedipal crisis as Woebegone Lullabies is a bird's eye view into the psyche of a child's burgeoning personality. With its trip-hop beats, hard tech rhythms and incandescent beats, if this album is right in its interpretation of early childhood, what the hell goes on in the mind of the young and impressionable? Woebegone Lullabies is totally messed up, in a good way. Based out of France, Wide Open Cage is brought to you by D. Krupinski, S-Marcel, and F. Baurin. A totally brazen concept, it makes one wonder: what kind of sick, twisted childhood did the members of this group have? This album is engulfed with suggestive audible imagery, presumably a front row seat into a time when we are our most vulnerable and when, according to this group, "the formation of our personality" takes place. One thing's for sure, this group's childhood included something with a little more edge then plain old Mr. Dress-Up. (Expressillon)