White Reaper "Last 4th of July" (video)

White Reaper 'Last 4th of July' (video)
Louisville, KY garage popsters White Reaper will soon return with the accurately titled White Reaper Does it Again LP. We've already had a taste of the album with the easy-to-swallow "Pills," and now they've given us a timely track with the Independence Day-themed "Last 4th of July."

The song's another amped-up anthem from the group, hardly overstaying its welcome at a brisk 90-second run time. For the song's official music video, they utilize footage from the upcoming film The Age of Reason. Watching two boys beat the shit out of a car with sledgehammers is a perfect visual accompaniment.

Watch the video for "Last 4th of July" below. White Reaper Does It Again arrives on July 17 through Royal Mountain Records.