White Rainbow Drifts Back with New Clouds

White Rainbow Drifts Back with <i>New Clouds</i>
While White Rainbow's Prism of Eternal Now didn't make it onto tons of year-end best-of lists back in '07, it did make many fans around these parts, what with its meditative head-trip helping wash away many a brutal workday. Following that record's release, Portland, OR's Adam Forkner took a bit of a breather from his one-man drone/psych recordings and their electronically-charged atmospheres, opting to focus on some live stints with Kranky label-mates Valet and Atlas Sound, as well as his work with Rob Walmart. Thankfully, two years after Prism's release, Forkner is finally returning to his White Rainbow for a proper follow-up.

Dubbed New Clouds, the record is due out on October 19 via Kranky, who will give it a double-vinyl, CD and digital release. According to the press release, Forkner has dug even deeper into his personal musical vision on this one, bringing "the desire to meld the meditative effects of near-static drone with the uplifting trip of free-flowing compositions."

The PR also goes on to add: "In a perhaps misguided reaction to the ever-widening trend of musicians trading in a pound of adventurousness for an ounce of 'accessibility,' Forkner has turned White Rainbow into an even more spontaneous and open-ended musical project, and has shaped this new double album into a dense, lengthy exploration of the relationship between hypnotic, circular, fourth-world drum rhythms, acid-boogie guitar and drifting sheets of fuzzy psychedelic drone."

And with Kranky considering this release a double album, yet one that only has four tracks, we're guessing all of them will come as true, epic drone-athons. No word on any upcoming live dates in support of New Clouds but here's the tracklisting:

1. "Tuesday Rollers and Strollers"
2. "Major Spillage"
3. "All the Boogies in the World"
4. "Monday Boogies Forward Forever"