White Rabbits Ready New Britt Daniel-Produced Album

White Rabbits Ready New Britt Daniel-Produced Album
After lighting up press outlets with their Fort Nightly debut, NYC's White Rabbits are set to do it all over again with its follow-up. Dubbed It's Frightening, the album is due to drop via TBD Records/MapleMusic Recordings on May 19 and will now come with Spoon's Britt Daniel on production detail.

White Rabbits first recorded the LP's demos with Daniel in their Brooklyn practice space, eventually trekking off to New York's Rare Book Room to lay down the album proper with engineer Nicholas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter). According to a statement from Daniel, "[White Rabbits front-man Steve Patterson] would meet me at the studio with his dog, some power bars, a couple things of kombucha and a 40-oz of Budweiser. I got the dog, but his diet never made a lick of sense to me."

The press release goes on to call It's Frightening everything from a "uniquely rewarding headphone experience" to "a classic reel of tape from start to finish" to an album that "will find much to go weak in the knees over." Yeah, big claims, but with Daniel on board maybe it's not exaggerating all that much.

A U.S. tour will follow the release of It's Frightening, but so far those dates have yet to be announced.

It's Frightening:

1. "Percussion Gun"
2. "Rudie Fails"
3. "They Done Wrong / We Done Wrong"
4. "Lionesse"
5. "Company I Keep"
6. "The Salesman (Tramp Life)"
7. "Midnight and I"
8. "Right Where They Left"
9. "The Lady Vanishes"
10. "Leave It At The Door"