White Fence Announce New Album for Drag City

White Fence Announce New Album for Drag City
When he's not performing with the Strange Boys, California garage pop master Tim Presley cranks out the hits with his White Fence solo project. After plenty of work for Castle Face Records, Presley has completed his first White Fence LP for Drag City.

The album is called To the Recently Found Innocent and was produced by Ty Segall. In a press release, Presley says, "I wanted to put some songs in someone else's room. I wanted to see what they sounded like with a real drummer. I wanted to see what it would sound like using an Aliens ear. For a lack of a cooler/humble word, Ty Segall 'produced' this album."

He continues: "This record, I had to make a change, not drastic, but a change nonetheless. My room was tired of me, so we took a break, and I fucked some other room."

To the Recently Found Innocent will be released on July 22 via Drag City. There are no samples of the album available just yet, but the tracklisting can be viewed below, with the album art available at the top of the page.

To the Recently Found Innocent:

1. The Recently Found
2. Anger! Who Keeps You Under?
3. Like That
4. Sandra (When the Earth Dies)
5. Wolf Gets Red Faced
6. Goodbye Law
7. Arrow Man
8. Actor
9. Hard Water
10. The Light Afraid Of What It's Worth
11. Fear
12. Raven On White Cadillac
13. Paranoid Bait