Whisper Room Birch White

Whisper Room are a trio comprised of Aidan Baker of Nadja on guitar/effects, Neil Wiernik of NAW on bass/laptop and Jakob Thiesen of Student on drums/electronics. Formed in 2006, the group create heady atmospheric soundscapes that include sounds that would be at home in horror flicks or undersea documentaries, depending on your mindset when listening. The eight nameless numbered tracks exude remoteness, a glacial reverberance, distant and aloof. Some of the pieces use recurrent bass patterns over simple drumbeats. Baker's guitar comes in drawn-out extrusions of sound and short, non-linear expostulations. Darkly ambient, Birch White sounds like it was imagined over a number of long, snowy winter nights (actually, it was recorded live to two-track one day in October, 2008). Eno-esque colours and Hassell-esque beats on "5" give the tune a meditative groove that's generally absent elsewhere on the disc. A limited release project, Birch White is music to trance out to. (Elevation)