Wesley Willis Rush Hour

Wesley Willis is an outsider art fan's superhero. Realistically, the musical world wouldn't miss him if he chose stock car racing as a way to deal with his schizophrenia, but there would be a whole lot less smiling going on. Willis uses a pre-programmed Casio keyboard with about two-to-three different tunes played between two or three different tempos and sings out of key odes to whatever the voices in his head are telling him to sing about. This is a re-release of Willis's early work, when he was still a 300-pound man about town in Chicago, before the tours, the cult fame and the "Alanis Morissette" video. There's really nothing to comment on, as once you've heard one Wesley song you've basically heard them all. But Jesus Christ if I can't stop laughing every time I hear "STP Conked out my Engine," "Good News is Rock and Roll," "I am a Rock I am a Roll," "Fuck with me and Find Out," "I Whipped Batman's Ass" and "The Vulture's Ate My Dead Ass Up." (Alternative Tentacles)