Weska Despierta

Weska  Despierta
Toronto now has its fair share of stadium fillers, but it's also got dirty gems aplenty, if only we stuck our noses underground more often. One such gem is young producer Weska. Though he only has a couple of EPs under his belt, even techno baron Adam Beyer has taken heed of this up-and-comer.
Despierta (Spanish for awake) is his third release, but it finds Weska already producing tracks like a veteran. He has nailed the tricky balance of dark and uplifting, which Despierta displays superbly throughout. Muffled vocal cuts keep things interesting, while some pounding 4/4 rhythms advance the gloom on tracks like "Third Eye" and "The Alley of Lars."
There's a great deal of patience shown here — every track slowly disintegrates into mere particles before kicking back in with face-melting force. Weska seems wise beyond his years, which can only mean that there's plenty more greatness down the road for him. (Sian/Octopus Recordings)