Wendy Atkinson Pink Noise

Pink Noise is an exploration of bass sound and is Wendy Atkinson’s second solo bass-only record. Here, Atkinson creates sound collages by exploring the noises she can make with electric, acoustic and double basses. Recorded and mixed on an analog four-track, Pink Noise is just as much about atmosphere as it is about clamour, although Atkinson isn’t afraid to see how far she can take this swollen ambience. At times, Pink Noise achieves sparse settings, as big, fat notes are left to linger and fade into deep rumbles. Other times, this album taps into playful moments that bounce and writhe with a dark sensuality and expressive moods. Most of the tracks don’t go too far beyond the three-minute mark, with the exception of "The Dockyard,” but in working within these smaller time spaces Atkinson somehow creates worlds within these short spans that are hauntingly taut and frayed at every conceivable edge. (K)