Weird War If You Can't Beat ‘Em, Bite ‘Em

If you’ve ever suffered flack for not having the right party music, Weird War have arrived to save the day. Funky enough for the dancers, sexy enough for the schemers, artsy enough for the music geeks, politically savvy enough for the radicals, and well, just listening to Ian Svenonious’s deep, low slurring makes you feel sort of drunk. Weird War is the new name for the Scene Creamers, a semi-super-group comprised of the Make-Up vocalist Svenonious and bassist Michelle Mae, with Golden’s Alex Minoff replacing Neil Michael Hagerty. Their last self-titled attempt, although strong, fizzled a little and this time around they’ve mustered some more umph, hitting us with a tighter punch that starts off with a cartoon version of a rock riff and a hearty, sing-along chorus in "Grand Fraud.” The record continues with every phase of the party; there are mellower moments where the band stick to one groove until it gets a little tired, but another kick invariably comes along to heat up the second or third wind. "One by One” ends it all with a tender slow jam to cap the evening with a little romance before you hop into bed. (Drag City)