Weezer Offshoot the Relationship Reveal New Burger 7-inch

Weezer Offshoot the Relationship Reveal New Burger 7-inch
Though Weezer member Brian Bell has been Rivers Cuomo's right-hand man for over 20 years, the musician has often slung songs on the side. His long-running the Relationship project, for instance, are just about to slide a pair of tracks onto our turntables via an upcoming 7-inch on Burger Records.

A press release explains that the group's next effort is a two-song single due April 8. A-side "Oh Allen" is described as a "Big Star-meets-the Beat" kind of rock song, with Bell recalling long-gone reckless nights and time passed. According to Bell, the song was partly inspired by his and co-founder Nate Shaw's, ahem, relationships with old friends and family.

'"Oh Allen'" is a buddy song about two longtime friends who were once inseparable," Bell said in a statement. "Allen follows his dreams of being an artist while the friend conforms to societies demands but cheers him on as 'one of the faces in the crowd.' The song resonated with Nate and myself because we were actually the character of Allen, or what Allen represented to us, while friends and family, as supportive as they must be, are the ones speaking of us in an 'Oh that Nate and Brian…' sort of way."

You can hear the song for yourself below.

The record features another apparently semi-autobiographical cut called "Young Temptations."

It's added that the Relationship are nearing completion of a full-length, with recording sessions taking place at Los Angeles studio the Village. An ETA has not yet been established, but the record will be the band's first full-length since 2010's self-titled debut.

The Relationship also have a spring tour of the U.S. with Gringo Star kicking off in April. You'll find all of the date details here.

It remains to be seen if a fictionalized version of Bell will pop up in a forthcoming episode of the Rivers Cuomo-inspired sitcom Detour, but it was revealed earlier this week that the Weezer leader will be played in the show by actor Ben Aldridge.