Weezer Fans Recreate Rivers Cuomo's Long-Lost Space Opera

Weezer Fans Recreate Rivers Cuomo's Long-Lost Space Opera
While Weezer have certainly been generous with fans by issuing behind-the-scenes fare like the Alone albums and The Pinkerton Diaries, one of the most sought-after releases is the band's long-lost rock opera.

Entitled Songs from the Black Hole, the space-themed concept album was intended to be the band's sophomore effort before it was scrapped and replaced with Pinkerton.

As this Wikipedia page indicates, there's plenty of information out there about the abandoned album, though not a listenable finished product. At least, not until now, as a group called Operation Space Opera have done their best to recreate the entire album from scratch.

They explain themselves with the following statement on their Bandcamp page:

This is a "Songs From The Black Hole" recreation, recorded from scratch, which incorporates material from all the released Rivers Cuomo demos, the full band Weezer demos for the project, the Pinkerton recordings, and information from the many pages of notes, lyrics and sheet music in "The Pinkerton Diaries" which was released last year (as well as a small amount of our own creative input). A bunch of people worked on this over a long period of time.

The entire 27-track album can be streamed below, though the band says, "We recommend downloading rather than streaming if you want the full effect of the seamless transitions from one song to the next."

The whole thing can be downloaded for free here.