The Week That Was The Week That Was

Peter is the second of Field Music’s Brewis brothers to put out his own record, following brother Dave’s commendable Sea From Shore. A loose concept record based on a period during which Peter sequestered himself from news media, The Week That Was is very much a case of the whole being stronger than the sum of its parts. Hell, let’s call a spade a spade — this is a full blown pop operetta, clean, instinctual and sophisticated in a way that few cello-toting guitar pop bands attempting "orchestration” could ever hope to be. Throughout the record, from the toms and slicing guitars of "Learn to Learn” to the whirling, piano-sculpted steppes of "Come Home,” Brewis churns out silken melodies that flow effortlessly into each other without wasting a single note. It’s a rare treat to come across a record that’s this fun to nerd out to. Hold onto it with both hands. (Memphis Industries)