Weegs The Million Sounds of Black

Astounding California act the Weegs return with more freakish, kick and slam, post-punk noise. The Million Sounds of Black follows up Meat the Weegs and doesn’t only pick up from where the band left off but raises the pulsating creepiness to a distorted new level. "Two and Three Eighths” is a darkly disjointed no wave experience and sets the tone for much of the album. As can be expected, the songs are short and bursting, often coming in at less than two minutes. That is, at least, until the epic "The Million Sounds” kicks in. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, this track encompasses the Weegs’ darker tendencies and showcases their love of veering away from the conventional. Full of nervous ticks and twitching fuzz, "The Million Sounds” plays out more like a Dario Argento soundtrack. The Weegs have more than met the expectations they set last time around and settled into even more disharmonic escapades. (Hungry Eye)