Weed "Thousand Pounds" (video)

Weed 'Thousand Pounds' (video)
Coming off the semi-recent release of their sophomore LP, Running Back, Vancouver fuzz-pop protagonists Weed are now running through open fields in the new video for the set's "Thousand Pounds."

The black and white video was directed by the Courtneys member Courtney Garvin, and traces the band's excursion through some flowery meadows and grassy hills. Often, we see guitarist Will Anderson mouthing his coolly delivered lines directly into the camera's eye, but we also see him doing some kick-ass leapfrogging with the rest of the band. 

The video also features a lot of film-scratch animation techniques, which cover the screen in various zig-zagged lines and less natural flower petals.

You can peep Weed's nature walk down below.