We Were Promised Jetpacks


BY Peter SanfilippoPublished Oct 7, 2014

Unraveling is like a well-written thriller, constantly building up and defusing while maintaining a constant tension. We Were Promised Jetpacks are exploring new territory, and though at first glance it doesn't seem to play to the band's post-punk, indie rock strengths, there is a diverse album, all tightly held together by a theme of unwavering, ominous uncertainty, waiting for those willing to put it through a couple of listens. "Peaks and Troughs" sporadically jumps between mellow palm-mutes, devastating distortion and cymbal crashes, while "Night Terror" builds up to a mid-tempo drum and bass march as guitars add their furious tremolo flair, only to morph into the reverb-rich piano and guitar creep of "Disconnecting."

The Edinburgh quintet even show off a little post-rock prowess on "Peace of Mind," the album's token instrumental track (perhaps more than coincidence considering the band share a producer with fellow Scots Mogwai). Unraveling is cut from a richer, darker cloth than their earlier works, making it a bold departure and a tense new direction well worth exploring.
(Fat Cat)

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