We Love We Love

The new record from BPitch Control will give you the sweetest techno art hangover. Lovingly larger than life, We Love mixes electro-synth grooves, trance-lulling drumbeats and classic rock guitar riffs to set off your inner-"Freebird." Creating a lasting bond of the analogue and digital, using a vintage, heart-shaped guitar and a modern, self-made midi-controller when performing live, We Love are talented Italian duo Giorgia Angiuli and Piero Fragola. Their show, with production assistance from Marco Palazzo, encompasses mixed media, music, performance art, flashy videos and futuristically current fashion. The passionate vocal work by Giorgia and Piero on their debut album speaks from a place beyond a cynical music climate. Their dreamlike, eternal songs bypass melodrama, as on "Underwater" ("Let me be your rain, I'm the water"). Musically, "Ice Lips" leads into the record via a rainy synth forest, while "Our Shapes" is an emotive early morning banger. Edgy, minimalist production and sincerity of heart on We Love reign supreme. (BPitch Control)