We Are the Fury Infinite Jest

We Are the Fury, formerly known simply as the Fury (the name change was due to legal reasons), present a wonderfully full-on sound with this debut EP Infinite Jest. This Toledo, Ohio five-piece take cues from influences like David Bowie, T-Rex, Talking Heads, and Television, but it all ends up baring more similarity to today’s Hot Hot Heat than it does the glam and punk eras of the ’70s. Regardless, these five tracks are immediately catchy and the boys of We Are the Fury have created a sound so contagious it will be in your head for days. The band’s name is fitting, as that is exactly what can be found on this release: a fury of over-excited arrangements and spasmodic vocals that all turn into a whirling frenzy. This band crackle with a strong sense of dynamism and verve, and We Are the Fury carry a strong presence on this debut. (Dust-to-Digital)