Way Out West Intensify

Way Out West, the supergroup duo of Jody Wisternhoff and Nick Warren, are not well known this side of the pond. In 1997, their first single, "The Gift," was a huge hit in the UK, and propelled them to superstardom there. Intensify is their North American debut album and is deservedly billed as the next big thing. It's tough to pigeonhole their sound, which contains elements of progressive house, ethereal trance, chunky breakbeats and beautiful vocals, all of which blend into a mesmerising and very danceable 74 minutes. "The Fall" is their banging trance remake of Coldcut's classic "Autumn Leaves" and is pure musical bliss, both beautiful and heart wrenching. The lead single falls in the same vein, with evocative lyrics and throbbing beats, which merge expertly to deliver a poignant pop track with amazing dance rhythms. (Nettwerk)