Watch Sheer Mag Shred Through "Nobody's Baby" on 'Meyers'

Watch Sheer Mag Shred Through 'Nobody's Baby' on 'Meyers'
Considering just how wildly popular they've become, it was only a matter of time before Philly rockers Sheer Mag made their live TV debut. Lugging their amps through 30 Rockefeller Plaza, they stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night (May 26).

The group dug into their III cut "Nobody's Baby," and managed to bring some serious stage presence to the red-tinted space.

While Christina Halladay's vocals were pitch perfect as usual, however, the set had one drawback with its audio mix, and the guitars sounded thin and tinny. Anyone who's seen Sheer Mag live knows that's the exact opposite of how they should sound.

Either way, it was a ripping late night performance, and hopefully one that brought on even more fans for the act.

Watch Sheer Mag perform on Meyers below.