Watch Radiohead's 1994 Performance at the Astoria in London

The video goes live Thursday
Watch Radiohead's 1994 Performance at the Astoria in London
Photo: Nadia Davoli
As a part of the ongoing "At Home with Me" concert streaming series, Radiohead have announced their latest instalment: the band's 1994 performance at the Astoria in London, England.

"One from deep down in the vaults this week, we're dusting off Live at the Astoria, London from May 1994," the group wrote of the upload, which features performances of early classics such as "Creep," "My Iron Lung" and "Fake Plastic Trees." The footage was previously only available through their 1995 and 2005 official video release of Live at the Astoria.

The 17-track set goes live at 5 p.m. ET tomorrow (May 28) night from Radiohead's YouTube channel.

The band have, so far, released eight videos in the quarantine series, including the inaugural instalment, 2000's "Live from a Tent in Dublin," as well as 2009's "Live in Buenos Aires."

Radiohead plan to keep sharing archival streams "until either the restrictions resulting from [the] current situation are eased, or we run out of shows." They'll do their part to keep live experiences relevant by uploading footage from the Radiohead Public Library to YouTube on a weekly basis.

Tune in to the player below tomorrow at 5 p.m. ET. to watch their 1994 concert.