Watch Jock Tears Get Meta in New "Jock Tears" Video

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Oct 19, 2018

Jock Tears recently celebrated the release of their debut full-length Bad Boys, but the punk-flirting Vancouver indie crew are now throwing some extra weight behind the album with a new video.

The clip is for the record's self-referential song "Jock Tears," and it comes via director David Ehrenreich. However, the creation of the video was less than smooth, to say the least.

"We originally started filming one concept using an ancient relic of a camera David had. After that artifact inevitably broke, we salvaged what we had filmed to create a new concept," Jock Tears drummer Dustin Bromley explains. "In my opinion, the end result is way better than what we were initially working on, so you could say the camera breaking was a happy accident."

The band's Lauren Smith further explains, "We came together in the spring to film, we were really interested in playing with light and colour and having a lot of fun. We made a film within a film that is also a music video. It's kind of about being a sensitive jock through exploring vulnerability. The gulls are all hopped up on prozac making them vulnerable to attack. When me and my dog Ruby were watching the video back, we were being scared of being too vulnerable and chose to hold back our emotions to save face. Playing it cool keeps us from being too vulnerable, and opening ourselves up for attack."

As you will see in the video below, the clip for "Jock Tears" becomes a seriously meta piece of work, with multiple layers intertwining into something that goes beyond your typical low-budget indie-rock music video.

Director David Ehrenreich has offered up the following explanation of the resulting clip:

When it comes to the mega marketing tool that is a music video, a band needs to be dead sure in their approach. Up until quite recently, it was recommend an artist spin the endless jeopardy wheel of YouTube recommendations and Instagram explore pages until the perfect inspirational melange permeates from the code. BUT!  in lieu of new information — a.k.a. hacking, algorithms, spying, etc. — it has become impossible to trust our instincts. Throwing a licked finger up just to check on the direction of a breeze doesn't work if fans are also blowing at you from all directions. STRESS. This music video doubles as a film which shines a light on this experience, a woman and her dog trying to check the pulse of the world.

Watch the video for "Jock Tears" by Jock Tears for yourself below, and see how this all actually plays out.

You can also listen to all of Bad Boys below the video. The album is out now via Inky Records.

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