Jock Tears Map Out U.S. Tour

Dudes got proper visas and everything
Jock Tears Map Out U.S. Tour
Vancouver's Jock Tears have been slowly plotting their full-length debut, and with the release now due out later this summer, the punk-loving pop-rock crew have announced a U.S. tour.

Following a hometown show on May 17, Jock Tears will play a series of concerts down the U.S. West Coast, including in such cities as San Francisco, Oakland, Portland and Seattle. The tour will then all wrap back in Vancouver for this year's edition of the annual Music Waste festival.

As Jock Tears explain, they even did the unpunk move of actually getting visas for the tour, so this trip is all above board.

Check out the full list of fully legal dates below, where you can also find a goofy tour trailer.

As for Jock Tears' upcoming full-length debut, the band recorded the as-yet-undetailed effort with Faith Healer's Renny Wilson last October. And while there's no firm release date for the album yet, it will arrive sometime later this summer.

For now, see that show list below and revisit their recent "Nasty Boy" video, which is also at the bottom of the page.

Tour dates:

05/17 Vancouver, BC - Thor's Palace
05/22 Ashland, OR - IPub
05/23 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
05/24 Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
05/25 Oakland, CA - Octopus Literary Salon
05/31 Portland, OR - The Waypost
06/02 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge
06/07 Vancouver, BC - Fortune (Music Waste Festival)