Watch Boston Manor Perform Acoustic Versions of "Halo" and "Bad Machine"

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jan 21, 2019

Brits Boston Manor have the distinct honour of being the first band to do a second session for Exclaim! TV's No Future. "Halo" and "Bad Machine" were singles one and two from 2018's Welcome to the Neighbourhood, so they stripped them down in this exclusive performance.

The ever-evolving band eschew the pop punk vibes of debut LP Be Nothing here, slowing down and darkening the vibes from last session's "Laika" and "Lead Feet." Though both of these new songs clock in at under three minutes, they pack plenty of emotions into their short run-times. The theme of cycles of abuse connects the songs, with drug dependence running through "Halo," while emotional manipulation controls "Bad Machine."

The band's only announced Canadian date is coming up in Toronto this May. Familiarize yourself with the tunes in the players below, then go get electrified at the gig.

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