Washed Out Opens the Archives for "Don't Wanna" from 'High Times' Reissue

The 2009 effort will be repressed on vinyl and cassette

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 19, 2018

Washed Out's 2009 release High Times was one of cornerstones of the then-nascent genre chillwave. Now, he's reissuing it along with some bonus tracks, including the newly unveiled "Don't Wanna."

It's a ultra-bubbly tune that's more upbeat than your average hazy chillwave jam. With its clap-clapping surf beat, giddily layered vocals and chopped-up audio snippets, it resembles a psychedelic take on '70s soul-pop.

The track comes accompanied by an animated visualizer. Check it out below.

High Times will be reissued on vinyl and cassette on November 9. The original nine-song tracklist is expanded with four extra cuts, including "Don't Wanna." It's available here.

High Times:


1. Belong
2. Good Luck
3. Phone Call
4. Olivia
5. Clap Intro
6. Luck
7. It's Kate's Birthday
8. You Will Be Sad
9. Yeah


1. Don't Wanna
2. Step Back
3. LaLaLaLaLa
4. Chimes

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