Wars "Camo Pants, Why?" / "Blue & Black Sheep"

Wars 'Camo Pants, Why?' / 'Blue & Black Sheep'
Weed-obsessed Too High Crew rapper Chris van der Laan is having an awfully busy couple of weeks. He just announced a new EP from his arty outfit Heavy Steps and an album from his indie rock outfit Slim Fathers, and now he's unveiled a two-song digital single from his pop punk band Wars.

Recorded in early 2011, "Camo Pants, Why?" and "Blue & Black Sheep" are outtakes from 2012's Pacey from Might Ducks album. Both songs are punked-up and hook-filled offerings, although the latter includes an organ intro and is a little slower and more dramatic than the band's usual fare.

Stream the tunes below, or download them for an optional donation.