Wankin Family We Did It For The Kids

This is straight out of an old school time capsule. It sounds like something on the Punk and Disorderly record, think Blitz meets UK Subs oi punk. And no, it doesn’t sound retro. They’ve managed to capture the muddy production and sound quality that was the standard back then. If you like the old stuff, you’ll get a kick out of this. They also do a couple of covers, one being “I Left My Heart In Iran” by the Forgotten Rebels. On the obscure tip, they cover the paean to the life of a jock, err, I mean “skin,” “Local Youths” by Gassenhauer, which appeared on the It Came From The Pit comp and features the line: “It’s another night, well it’s another fight. Fight Fight Fight.” Duh, Oi mate. (Subprofit)