Walter TV Return with 'Carpe Diem'

You can hear the album's "Graceland" now
Walter TV Return with 'Carpe Diem'
After feeling Blessed in the summer of 2015, Walter TV are looking to seize the day with a new long-player titled Carpe Diem. The record is set to arrive on August 4 through Sinderlyn.

Ten tracks in length, Carpe Diem is said to show a band that "has taken their version of lo-fi recording to a near professional level (or at least attempted to)." A taste of the new sounds of Walter TV — which of course features members of Mac DeMarco's band — comes alongside the announcement via the uplifting "Graceland," which you can hear in the player below.

A press release also notes that Carpe Diem deals with the following "classic tropes that no person can seem to escape or avoid (except the enlightened few):

...suffering, loss, death, love, chaos, inevitability, declining conditions of earth, self inflicted spiritual pain, heart attacks, forfeiture of morals, yearning, attempts at doing the right thing, karma (police), moments of clarity, depression, introversion/extroversion, the singularity, technological advancements, neglect, insults of opulence, lack of community and looking out for your fellow people, being get the point! 

Carpe Diem is available for pre-order here. Read through the tracklist to hear "Graceland" in the player below.

Carpe Diem:

1. Begotten
2. Graceland
3. Spring Time
4. Laura Palmer
5. Last Day
6. Alaska Cruisin
7. No Other Way
8. Cattle
9. U + Y
10. LA JAM