Walter TV "Candles"

Walter TV 'Candles'
Mac DeMarco's Walter TV buddies have a new album coming out, and with Blessed due out this summer through Sinderlyn, they have shared the track "Candles."

The song is the kind of wobbly art-pop cut you might expect from DeMarco's collaborators, something that's particularly apparent in the watery guitar strums. Joe McMurray and Pierce McGarry hit a lot harder than DeMarco, however, and the arrangement is stuffed with effects-drenched vocal weirdness and hard-hitting percussive passages. The results sound a bit like Animal Collective at their most lo-fi and rock-oriented.

Scroll past the band's July tour schedule to take a listen to "Candles." Blessed is now set to arrive on July 10. 

Tour dates:

07/01 Vancouver BC - The Cobalt
07/02 Seattle WA - Vera Project / Local 46
07/03 Olympia WA - The Guest House
07/04 Portland OR - Bunk Bar (street festival)
07/09 Los Angeles CA - Non Plus Ultra