Walter TV "Neighbour"

Walter TV 'Neighbour'
"I am not your neighbour, but I could use a favour." It's a friendly enough sounding opening line to Walter TV's new song, "Neighbour," but there's more than a few sinister undertones in the band's lo-fi paean to making new acquaintances at any cost.

Plucked from the band's upcoming Blessed, the song is steered delightfully off-course with a simple and slow drum beat, guitar jangling, and wobbling vocals that sound as if they were recorded through a house fan set on medium. Those sweetly sung lines get creepy mighty quick, though, once the narrator cops to wanting to sneak a peek of you through your window. Things get extra Psycho once the stalker announces, "In the shower I see your wet body."

You may need to scrub yourself off after hearing the intentionally pervy odd-pop number, which you can stream below via Self-Titled. Sinderlyn puts the rest of Blessed in stores June 23.