​Walrus Announce New Album 'Cool to Who'

Check out a video for the record's title track
​Walrus Announce New Album 'Cool to Who'
Haligonian indie rockers Walrus have revealed plans for their next album. The record is called Cool to Who, and it's out October 18 via Outside Music.
The album marks the follow-up to the group's 2017 LP Family Hangover, and it hears the band embracing their love of '60s psych, garage rock and '90s Britpop.
"I don't think we have a specific classification or term of what we do, we used to be a lot more psyched out but now I think we just make music we like," the band's Justin Murphy said in a statement. "We're not trying to sound like one specific thing and aren't trying to pretend we're a jazz band or something either, so I suppose we sound like ourselves, a maturing version of what we have always been."
The album was recorded over "two sleep deprived days" at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS. It features songs about getting robbed on tour, running out of food, anxiety, Oasis and, of course, their hometown of Halifax.
See the Cool to Who artwork pictured above, and the tracklisting down below.
The first song to arrive is the title track, and it comes complete with an accompanying music video. "Cool to Who" is about "making plans in the night and not being able to keep them the morning," while the video captures co-producer Nicole Cecile Holland's "obsession with internet photos of squat poses in front of cars."
Check out the video for "Cool to Who" below.
Cool to Who:
1. Breathe
2. Cool To Who
3. Half Smoke
4. Marcel
5. Mr. Insecure
6. Played Out
7. Ballad Of Love (Or Something)
8. Out For A While
9. Bored To Death
10. Anymore