Walk The Moon Walk The Moon

Some artists are just made for compilations. With just one song taken in isolation, they sound like the best thing ever ― the kind of track nobody could ever tire of. But when spread over an entire album, their one-trick-pony nature becomes very apparent and it's obvious that one number is the acceptable level of tolerance for them. Walk the Moon are such a band. Last year, they managed to get a bunch of attention via their best song, "Anna Sun," because of its pleasant summery sound and sing-along chorus. Their major label debut recycles six tracks from their self-released album and adds five more similarly minded tunes, all blending together into a bland, unmemorable album that neither inspires nor offends. It isn't hard to imagine them on the third stage at Lollapalooza, playing to a mainly indifferent crowd who are waiting for their favourite reunited band from the '90s alternative boom to take to the stage. And that is likely their fate until they become another forgotten band that were almost cool for their prescribed 15 minutes. (RCA)