Wagon Christ Sorry I Make You Lush

Luke Vibert is a genius. No one seems to be coming out with music more distinct or as clever than the work that he has done under his own name or alter-ego, Wagon Christ, the name he’s sporting for Sorry I Make You Lush. Just listen to the C3P0 introduction of "The Funnies” that leads into an incredible funk jam that just continually piles more and more samples and instrumentation, making it impossible to find five seconds that is repetitive. Whistles blowing, people laughing, pots and pans, disco breaks and a wide selection of space sound effects are all the norm when it comes to a Luke Vibert release and this second for Ninja Tune seems to find the Cornwall producer with even more control over his sample placements than ever. Another grand quality is his ability to turn the page on his craving for absurdities and develop more beautiful joints such as "Shadows,” which seems simplistic to other tracks as Vibert loops a haunting female vocal with stunning orchestration and a solid hip-hop beat to carry it all. Sorry I Make You Lush is one of the best records that Vibert has put out as of late, and this is saying a lot given his discography. He seems to have controlled his desire to create maniacal compositions and has tamed the musical monster he tends to unleash, and the results are extraordinary. (Ninja Tune)