Vtgnike Dubna

Vtgnike Dubna
The latest release from Nicolas Jaar's Other People imprint comes from Russian producer Vtgnike, a man who's simply impossible to categorize. Because Dubna has borrowed elements from so many genres, it sounds familiar, yet its ingredients are blended in such a way that it's completely unique.

While many artists successfully mix styles together, Vtgnike's approach comes off as utterly carefree. It's as if he was introduced to all of music's bounties simultaneously and assumed that everything was interchangeable, which is why a track like "Campaign Refix" sounds like a synth getting sick on some Steve Reich-ish loops and features a funky bass-line without sounding forced or hectic.

Tracks like "Jimmy Dub," "Rewind Ioseliani" and album highlight "Panarama Bar Shitt" take on a similar smorgasbord pattern, while also displaying Dubna's secondary characteristic: warmth. This entire album is insulated with a thick layer of cozy samples that hug the listener and soothe them before teasing them back up for a dance.

Picture a soft blanket that's coaxing you into slumber whilst concurrently changing colour and shape to keep you on your toes. Only then will you be in the vicinity of Dubna. (Other People)