Von Zippers The Crime Is Now

Yikes, something sure is pissing off the Von Zippers’ Alan Wayne, and judging from their third full-length album for Estrus Records, that something is just about everything in modern society. The usual ‘70s punk meets the Mummies sound is as fierce as ever, but the beer keg tapping lyrics about the "Mighty Red Baron" and "Doppleganger"(s) are gone, replaced with a modern version of an ‘80s political hardcore lyric sheet. Yep, Mr. Wayne has got some major beefs with genetically engineered foods, as can be heard on "SGWTF,” big business on "Blue Suit Bullies,” privatisation and user fees on "Little Black Heart" and the common sense revolution on "Common Sense Party Theme.” You gotta hand it to the VZ’s for putting out one of the angriest, least approachable garage punk albums in an era when garage bands they used to play gigs with are on Clear Channel radio all across the Continent. Go get ‘em, boys! (Estrus)