Voice Industrie Power

Voice Industrie is Francis Tetrault and Alan Levesque. There’s a wonderful merging of techno and tribal rhythms on Power, which easily converges on one’s listening experience. Euro-trance is not everyone’s thing but there’s something very alluring about Power. From the Depeche Mode-like vocals to the Chemical Brothers-type programming, this album has the ability to get into your head. How can a repetitive, industrial album with lyrics few and far between resonate? It’s easy to feel powerless — pun intended — and unable to answer a question such as that after listening to this album; it simply manages to lay hold to that unsure part of us. Power is filled with action, in the sense that each track could easily play as the backdrop to a video game or adventure montage. There’s nothing better than a trance album you can play day or night, it doesn’t matter. (A Different Drum)