Vögler Constants

Constants straddles the line between house music and electronic pop. Vögler, Toronto producer Derek Wagler, handles most of the musical duties, with the assistance of two female vocalists, two percussionists and a trumpeter. The trumpet is used to great effect on "Phins," a house track that also features vocals. "Trip" is one of the best pop songs on the album, and again features female vocals. "Salon," with the assistance of the guest percussionists, stands out on the album from all the other tracks for its complex beats, which are almost drum & bass-ish, at times. Near the end is the 11-minute ambient piece "Courtesy," which features lush chords and swirling sounds, but the best tracks on this album are the ones with vocals. Without them, the songs are based a little too much on loops that don't evolve enough. The ideas are there, but they need to be worked on a little more. (Independent)