Vladislav Delay As Sistol On The Bright Side

Almost 11 years later, Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti revives his 1999 Sistol moniker with another glorious full-length release, On the Bright Side. Influenced by his travels with the innovative Moritz von Oswald trio, as well as isolating himself in his new remote home on Hailuoto island in northern Finland, Rapatti shares his experimentations from the last year with the revitalization of Sistol. On the Bright Side is a straight-up techno album that shies away from the familiar organic pulses associated with his Vladislav Delay moniker. Surprisingly vibrant, Sistol's confidence and optimism are prominent in every track; this album is bound to make its way to the dance floor. Starting with "(Permission to) Avalanche," a quirky, bass-heavy track comparable to a Raster Noton release. "Fucked-Up Novelty" shuffles along with insertions of childlike melodies and ambient space noises. "Fun Seeker" could be a Luomo track, with its 4/4 beats and lush, echoed throbs. Regardless of what alias Sasu Ripatti decides to use, this legendary producer can do no wrong. (Halo Cyan)