Viza-Noir Viza-Noir

It's a new century, and a strangely conservative one so far, entertainment wise. We've kicked of the 21st with a "new" Fugitive on television, a "new" Planet of the Apes in the theatre, and any number of "new" New Kids on the Block on the radio. Most unfortunately, this conservatism extends down into the realms of indie music, which is not usually known for this. Viza-Noir is a Chicago band, but you knew that without looking at the sleeve, really. They aren't a bad band, and their only sin is being five or so years late for a scene they'll get grouped in with. This EP could be a welcome addition for fans whose collection of Shellac/Jesus Lizard records is complete. There are (quite) a few nice touches, including a quieter approach on the instrumental track "The Pelt Room," it's just the queasiness of nostalgia that keeps you at arms length from liking this wholeheartedly. (Flameshovel)