Vivian Girls Offshoot La Sera Announce Debut Album

Vivian Girls Offshoot La Sera Announce Debut Album
The Vivian Girls' Katy Goodman must be one of those people who's at band practice every day of the week. Aside from her busy main project, whose new album will drop on Polyvinyl this spring, Goodman busied herself with the group All Saints Day last year before starting La Sera earlier this year. The trio's debut seven-inch is out today (November 16) and they have just revealed the details of their self-titled debut album.

According to a press release, Goodman's "inspiration sprung from an attraction to early pop hits from the 1950s and ethereal choral vocals. Her new songs contain warm celestial-pop melodies that echo with the dreamlike effect of a church choir and effuse a softer, less aggressive sound than the Vivian Girls." As for the album itself, La Sera "muses on death, love and love lost within the span of two-minute choiral pop blisters."

Hardly Art will release La Sera on February 15. The full tracklisting is below, while the album art can be seen above.

La Sera:

1. "Beating Heart"

2. "Never Come Around"

3. "You're Going To Cry"

4. "Sleeptalking"

5. "I Promise You"

6. "Left This World"

7. "Hold"

8. "Under The Trees"

9. "Devils Hearts Grow Gold"

10. "Dove Into Love"

11. "Been Here Before"

12. "Lift Off"