Vive La Fete Jour De Chance Remixes

Screamy vocals, while not common within electronica, are featured avidly in "Quatsch,” side A of Jour De Chance Remixes. Almost like a melding of electro and punk ("electreamo?”), David Caretta’s whack remix successfully reinvents the original track, channelling anxiety and making it seem somehow commonplace with the use of repeating beats and sampled vocals. While the "Quatsch” side of this record is triumphant in its creation of fresh audio for the ears, side B doesn’t move far from the Euro-trash electro flash that would bring down the glittery décor of any rich nightclub. Vive La Fete translates in English to "Long Live The Party” and their music doesn’t reach far beyond the sentiment, though it’s a fine one. Still, this Belgian act would bring down the house harder with more of their aggressive musical pathways. The false images of money-induced fashion party lands — Vive La Fete’s music has been used at Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion shows — would be well complemented by a little more raucous punk screaming. (Uncivilized World)